Saturday, 31 March 2012

Using Transit in a big city

If there is one thing I miss the most living in a small town, it's having my own vehicle to drive. Because if there is something that I have gotten sick of living in Edmonton, it's using transit everyday. The transit is great here but either way it's a pain in the butt. Im tired of sitting by stinky people on the train and waiting for the bus in the cold. Last night I was intoxicated by the fumes of Marijuana as a guy decided to smoke a joint on the train, that was just oh so pleasant. I have days where I would do anything to just walk 5 steps outside and be able to hop into my car and be on my way. Yes I know i'm saving tons of money doing it this way but oh man I want my car here! I think the biggest pain is grocery shopping, who wants to carry all their groceries home on the train, not me. I want to put all my bags in the trunk of my car and drive home.
Well this only gets me more excited for the day to come when i'm making enough money to be able to get a new car and drive it in the big city!

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