Thursday, 29 March 2012

My thoughts on the perfect meal

So, If I was to go a restaurant, I would always love to have my meal one way. This usually does not happen due to the amount of my funds in the bank account but hey, I can dream can't I...
The appetizer, the appetizer is crucial. This should be something to satisfy your hunger while you wait for the mains but it should not fill you up. Never go with anything that has lots of carbs or bread, because as most of us smart people know, those things do fill you up and once you do that, the main is ruined. My recomindation for a appy is go with something light but tasty to get your taste buds working. My favorite would be some kind of seafood. A good shrimp or just a few tasty pieces of lobster! Yum!
Now for the main, the main should always be a significant part of the meal, this is what you do want to fill you up almost completely. I can't actually recommend a good main because everyone is different, of course. But what I can say, is if your at a nice restaurant get something good! We can all cook a good burger or salad at home. Go for the steak or the delicious pasta that we all know we just cant make taste as good as they can. Personally I love having a good steak, medium rare with onions and mushrooms, delicious! For the side, a ceaser salad always goes well!
When the meal is over, I always crave a good sweet, but remember always give yourself a chance to digest a bit and take a breather but after that, order the most tasty dessert on the menu and indulge, its the perfect way to end a great meal!
Although the meal makes the whole experience great, the company you bring along with you is what tops it all off to be amazing!

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