Friday, 30 March 2012

Crackers, cheese and pickles.

There is nothing better than a great snack, if I could just snack all day and never eat a main meal like breakfast, lunch or dinner, I would.
Now there is all kinds of snacks, but the best snack of all times is crackers, pickles and cheese. 
First of all the cracker must be a Ritz cracker, nothing else.
Secondly, the pickle has to be dill, I don't want any of those sweet pickles, keep it dill, keep it good.
Lastly, the cheese must be marble, that way you're getting a mix of mozzarella and cheddar all in one!
The way I like to go about it, is count how many crackers I have on my plate and than after that I cut exactly the amount of cheese, don't be wasting that cheese. And obviously after that you cut that amount of pickles and BAM! You have the greatest snack sitting right and front of you.
The salt from the cracker and the dill from the pickles all added with the cheese is the perfect combo.
When I have all 3 of these ingredients in my house, I tend to indulge in the snack once a day!

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