Thursday, 29 March 2012

School and my thoughts on it

When I first started school (college) I hated it, first of all, I was upgrading, so at this point I'm not even in a program. Let me tell you, upgrading sucks! Although I was in a college I still felt I was in high school, there was no feeling of going to the next level. Second of all, I'm young and fresh out of high school, and to see people my parents age was a bit weird,  but hey i'm doing it so I don't think it's ever too late to do it. Thirdly, when I pictured college, I pictured this huge campus with tons of buildings and I thought I would be walking from class to class and it would be awesome, no. That is not my school, my school is one big several story's high building. How do I get from class to class you ask? Well I either take a small flight of stairs or I take a elevator. Usually the elevator, whose taking the stairs these days when there's a elevator, cmon now. Anyways, it was not the dream school I was hoping for. I wanted that feel of college and I just did not get it. But the biggest thing I learned out of this whole situation was to actually accomplish something and get good marks is a great feeling, for me there's nothing better than getting a great mark and than being able to phone or text or tell everyone and celebrate it. Hey what's better than getting a great mark and than having a excellent celebration dinner with some good friends, if anyone can tell me there's something wrong with that, your crazy. 

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