Friday, 30 March 2012

Softball being cut from the summer Olympics

So as we all know the summer 2012 Olympics is fastly approaching and Canada is getting really excited after Vancouver, I am excited but on the other hand i'm really not looking forward to it that much this year as they've cut softball out of the Olympics. 
I think this is huge, what were the people thinking! For most girls that playing softball in the Olympics was the highest dream they could obtain. One speculation for the sport being cut is ever since softball has begun in the Olympics in 1996 the USA has won gold every single year, some may believe there isn't enough competitiveness from the other teams. In 2008, we had 8 teams in softball usually with about 15-20 girls per team, so now we have 100-120 girls not being able to play at that level again. Seems a bit unfair to me..
Another thing, softball was an all womens sport, so now we have less women/girls being able to participate in the games. So now for most girls, college and University is the highest level of competition they will see and for some, their goal was much higher than college it was the Olympics and that dream can no longer happen. My biggest thing with the whole situation is, the IOC has made NO actual reasons to of why they cut the sport and to me its really sad.
So support the women of softball and fight to get the sport back at the Olympics! 

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