Sunday, 1 April 2012

Awful servers at Hudsons

Most of the time when I go out to eat somewhere I get pretty good service. And you would think that anywhere you go, you're going to automatically get a good server, why? Well because I would think that the server is there to do one thing, make money. How is she gonna make good money? Good tips, and how is she gonna make good tips, good service. So yeah, 98% of the time, I find most servers very good! But for some reason, I don't think the servers at Hudsons are there to make money, because the service i've experienced there is probably the worst I've ever had. First of all, we didn't even get a "Hi, hows it going today?" She just automatically asked us what we wanted to drink and when we asked if there was root beer, she bluntly said NO. Second off, after we got our drinks and decided what we wanted, we had our menu's closed for quite a bit of time before she even bothered to see if we were ready. The thing that blew my mind is as I sat there and waited to be asked what I wanted to eat, I watched the servers stand by the bar and eat food. A) why are the servers eating where everyone can see and B) why are they getting fed during service, not even a break when I haven't even placed my meal yet. After FINALLY taking our order, not once did she ask if we wanted drink re fills. Finally our food came and during the entire period of eating I never got asked if everything was tasting alright or if I needed anything, well another water would have been great but that never happened. Once the meal was finished and all was said and done, we said we had debit to pay and she probably answered in the rudest way possible "We don't take debit, only cash or credit" .. OH OKAY. What kind of establishment doesn't take debit and she did not need to say it in that tone. Well needless to say, after the crappy ass service we received i'm sure she wasn't pleased with the tip but hey as I said, Good service = good tips.
Although I would never go back to Hudsons for the crappy service, I would go back just for the sweet potato fries and the amazzing dip it comes with and the overall food was alright. 

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  1. Overall, I agree with your comments re: the server/attitude, Sarah.

    One thing to note, is that MANY places I have been to which are clubs masquerading as bars/pubs/restaurants do not accept debit which is why they usually have an ATM right at their front door.

    1. The servers should definitely have been eating in the back out of the public eye.

    2. A quality check is typical, if not mandatory, at most places with a good training program for their serving staff. I would have mentioned it to the manager on duty. Something to think about next time you are not asked within a certain amount of time how your food is.

    I have personally waited 15-20 minutes with my empty glass waiting for a server to come by to see if I would like a refill at a couple of restaurants where I know that they have very specific guidelines about quality checks and such.

    In my case where I have been in the industry for a couple of decades and I tip well for decent service and generally overtip greatly for great service, those servers are doing themselves more harm by not providing even moderate service.

    I've let the management know my thoughts on several occasions in different restaurants. It makes a difference to the managers, as they may not realize there is an issue with a server.