Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Samples at the grocery store

There is nothing better when you go to the grocery store and the first thing you notice is a sample stand. I walk into Save-on today and there she is, the awesome lady that is always sampling their desserts and pastries. Of course I go straight to the stand, what is she sampling today you ask? Pie! Banana pie, coconut pie and chocolate! I went for a banana and it was delicious! I remember about 2 weeks ago I was there and she was sampling st pattty's day cupcakes and she hadn't sold any ( no idea how this happened ) so she forced me to eat about half, but hey I wasn't complaining. Than I go around the corner and there's another sampling table, this never happens! It was like I was in a costco or something. Now people were going crazy for this one, it was some kind of garlic sausage. She wasn't even done cooking it and people were lining up for it! I decide hey, Ill go finish my shopping and come back for it. I come back, get in the much smaller line, a little old lady was in front of me and she was acting like some angry hungry hippo. Not only did she snatch two for herself, when she went to hand me mine, she snatched mine too.When I finally got to taste mine, it was awesome but the lady kept trying to sell the product and its like cmon lady, no ones actually going to buy it, we just want the free samples! People go crazy for free food I tell ya. It just so happened I was starving when I went into the store, so thank you Save-on for satisfying my hunger for free for a little bit so I didn't buy everything in the store! 

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