Monday, 2 April 2012

When someone doesn't pick up their phone

Usually the people I make phone calls too are the people that are pretty close to me, so I generally know what their daily schedule is so I know when or when not to call them. Something that drives me crazy is when you KNOW someone isn't busy and they don't pick up there phone, especially when it's important! Its so frustrating when someone tells you to call them, so you do and yet they still don't pick up! drives me nuts!! A great example for you all is someone told me to call them today at exactly 2:10 pm, so I did, no answer. Call again, no answer. Repeat that 10x still no answer. Im now sitting at the LRT station frustrated as can be and still, no answer. To make the entire situation worst, my phone is on it's last bar, great, just great. I could be at home relaxing and not sitting on an uncomfortable bench in HUB but yet i'm still sitting here and no answer. 30 minutes ago they were suppose to pick up the phone! How annoying, well for all you people out there, if you ask someone to call you, do them a favor and pick up!!! 

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