Friday, 6 April 2012

Cheap bartenders

One thing I do love about being in a big city is being able to go out to a bar or pub and have a good time with good friends! One thing I do not like about the bars in Edmonton and how cheap the bartenders are... I've got ripped off so many times I can't even count. I don't know how many times I've paid for my drink and gotten little to no money back after I've paid with a 20$ bill. Now I do understand that the tips is making them all their money, but i'm sorry as the bartender, you don't get to pick how much of a tip you will receive from me. Once you give me back the EXACT amount of change, yes I will throw some money into your jar, but if you choose to take your own tip and not give me the right amount of money back, your bar and yourself will no longer be receiving any kind of tip from me. I think the Pint has ripped me off the worse so far, I ordered 2 highballs, came to $10.50, I gave him a $20 bill, what do I get back, $3, now you do the math and see how that seems a bit off. Annnnd after he did this and I looked and realized what he had done, he was no where to be found. He clearly knew exactly what he did and just ran off what the tip. Such a bastard. So yeah, I can't help but to NOT want to tip at the Pint anymore, because that one guy had to rip me off that bad, he ruined for everyone else, which to you might not seem fair at all but hey, I don't have that kind of money to be letting the bartenders choose their tip. The other place where it has been horrible is Oil City or should I say Oil Dirty. I don't care that the male bartenders are usually topless and the females usually have their tits and ass hanging out, that doesn't give you the right to choose your tip from me. Yes all the guys and girls who go their to stare at the abs, tits and ass are probably going to tip you well because your giving them something they probably don't get to look at in their everyday life. For me, no that isn't why i'm there, you make me a good drink and give me all my change back ill tip yah! I find at Oil Dirty they will hold all the change above the change jar and look at you  with eyes saying "can I just take your $10 worth of change and throw it in my jar?" and before you even answer they just dump it in there. Um hello? what are you doing. I will and I mean I will put my hand in that change jar and take my change back so lets just do us all a favor and give the right amount of money back and than i'm happy and your happy because your getting a tip!

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